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TAI is looking for participation

Volunteers are needed to:

Have an idea for a research project? There currently is no formal application process. Requests to work on a project can be submitted to any board member. They can come from the general public but priority will be given to applications from individuals or instructors from educational institutions.

TAI volunteers are available to work with educational organizations to create projects for students either onsite at the observatories or on campus.

TAI is looking for contributions

TAI’s non-profit status provides for tax deductible contributions. A prioritized ‘wish list’ is maintained by the board of directors that includes instrumentation, software and facility improvements and repairs. Donations of new or used items are only accepted if they match closely with items on the list or permission is granted to resell them with the proceeds going towards items on the list.

TAI qualifies for and has received matching grants from The Boeing Corporation and Timken. Your company may also have a similar program.

In special cases, TAI will also accept informal loans of equipment that can be put to immediate use. Typically loans come directly from individual board members who accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged items.

The TAI board

President: Jesse M. Goldbaum (email)

Vice President: Sina Sadjadi

Secretary: Michael Hoffert

Treasurer: Robert Harwell